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Ottoman History
Ottoman History


The mission of Redhouse Publications is to promote the distribution of books published in Turkey, about Turkey and its culture. We at Redhouse Publications aim, in a small way, to continue the work of “removing the barriers to mutual comprehension” that motivated the work of Sir James Redhouse. Redhouse spent a lifetime writing dictionaries that helped remove the barriers to communication between the Turkish and English speaking worlds. By making books about Turkey available to a wider audience, we hope to promote mutual understanding and dialog between the Turkish and English speaking communities.

We offer a wide variety of high quality publications, including the famous Redhouse Dictionaries, academic works, guide books, children’s books and other publications that will help you to learn more about a world which is filled with a rich culture that is entwined in the history of just about every other world culture. Located as the bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey has played a role in many of the events of the history of the world. Explore this history and the culture that has grown out of this experience through the books that capture this richness.


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