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Ottoman History
Ottoman History

Suleyman Shah

Suleyman Shah (Ottoman Turkish: سلیمان شاه‎; Modern Turkish: Süleyman Şah) was, according to Ottoman tradition, the son of Kaya Alp and the father of Ertuğrul, who was, in turn, the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. However, early Ottoman genealogies did not all agree on this lineage, some failing entirely to mention Suleyman Shah as one of Osman's ancestors. The connection between Osman I and Suleyman Shah may then have been invented at a later date. His other son was Saru Yatı, the father of Bay Hodja. It is said that Suleyman Shah drowned in the river Euphrates in Syria. An Ottoman tomb in or near Qal'at Ja'bar has historically been associated with Suleyman Shah.

Suleiman (English pronunciation: is the main transliteration of the Arabic سليمان Sulaymān / Silimān. The name means "man of faith" and corresponds to the English name Solomon. The word may also be transliterated as Sulaiman, Suleman, Soliman, Sulayman, Sulaymaan, Suleyman, Süleyman, Sulejman, Sleiman, Sleman, Sliman, Slimane, Soleman, Solyman or Seleman. This disambiguation page focuses on individuals and entities with Suleiman as a predominant transliteration.
Given name
• Hadim Suleiman Pasha (Beylerbey of Rumelia), military commander under the reign of Mehmed II
• Suleiman the Magnificent (1494-1566), also known as Suleiman I
• Suleiman I of Persia (d.1694)
• Suleiman II of Persia (d.1750)
• Suleiman II of Córdoba (d.1016)
• Suleiman II of Rum (1196-1204)
• Suleiman II (1642-1691)
• Suleiman al-Abbas, Syrian politician
• Suleiman Arabiyat (1938–2013), Jordanian academic and politician
• Suleiman Hafez, Jordanian economist and politician
• Suleiman Frangieh (1910–1992), President of Lebanon 1970 to 1976
• Suleiman Frangieh, Jr. (born 1965), Lebanese politician and MP, leader of the Marada Movement
• Suleiman Khan, Ilkhan of Persia (ruled 1339-1344)
• Suleiman Mousa (1919 - 2008), Jordanian author and historian
• Suleiman Pasha (disambiguation), multiple people
• Suleiman ibn Qutulmish (fl. 1077-1086), Seljuq Sultan of Rum
• Sulieman Benn, West Indian cricketer
• Elia Suleiman, filmmaker and actor
• Michel Suleiman, president of Lebanon and former commander in chief of that country's armed forces
• Omar Suleiman, vice-president of Egypt
• Yasir Suleiman, Palestinian academic
• Ady Suleiman, Singer-songwriter
• Sulaiman Mountains, Afghanistan and Pakistan
• Suleyman, Azerbaijan
• Sleman, Indonesia


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