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Ottoman History
Ottoman History

Shamsaddin Sami

Shamsaddin Sami (Frashëri), the ethnic Albanian Ottoman writer, lexicographer and encyclopedist. Talat and the Turkish-i is the first novel Taaşşuk Fitnat's (1872), the first Turkish encyclopedia Kamus-ul Alam's (1889-1898) and modern in the sense that the first comprehensive Turkish dictionary Kamus-i Türkî'n's (1901) is the author . Also Kamus-i Fransevî has written Arabic dictionaries called from French and Kamus-i Arabi.

With his brother Fraşerel Abdul Bey has developed the first Albanian alphabet using Latin and Greek letters (1879) and Albanian wrote a grammar book (1886). Brother Naim Fraser Albanians are considered to be the founder of the national poetry. Galatasaray Sports Club has established is the father of the founder of the Ali Sami Yen.


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