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Ottoman History
Ottoman History

Sultan Bayezid 1

(1360-1403) Ottoman bey/sultan 1389-1403. His byname was Yildirim, "Thunderbolt".
Bayezid represents both a continuation of the building of state structures in the empire, as well as the most dramatic downturn so far in its history.
For the empire as a whole he established the first centralized state. His main achievements, however, were realized in Asia. Although he successfully completed (inevitable because of his opponents' actions) many important military campaigns in Europe, he put most of his emphasis on widening Ottoman suzerainty over Turkman rulers in Anatolia. Various emirates were annexed into the empire.
This consolidation policy, however, brought him into direct conflict with Timur Lenk. The result of this was a total defeat for Beyazid, wand, within a short time, disintegration of the empire as a result.
Around 1360: Born as son of of sultan Murad 1.
1391: An 8 year long blockade against Constantinople begins.
1393 July: Tirnova in today's Bulgaria is blockaded by Bayezid's forces.
1394 April: Salonika in today's Greece is conquered.
1396 September 25: Bayezid is faced with a Hungarian-Venetian crusade, during which he inflicted a crushing defeat at Nicopolis.
1402 July: In the battle of Ankara against Timur Lenk, Bayezid's forces are defeated. Bayezid is put in jail.
1403: Dies in Aksehir while in capitivity. The land was divided between his sons, MehmedSüleyman and Isa. War between the brothers would break out, and the empire wouldn't be reunited before 10 years later.


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