Magnifikent Century Kösem

Magnifikent Century Kösem

Period Drama
Season 1 : 84 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: Ongoing Production
Weekly, Prime Time
In 1603, Ahmed Khan, the youngest sultan in Ottoman history succeeds to the throne. The inexperienced young Sultan is faced with heavy responsibilities. The Jelali uprisings in the East and the never-ending war with the Austrian Empire in the West have been carrying the empire to a stalemate. Despite his warm heart, sharp wit and great dreams, Ahmed is quite naive and this presents a golden opportunity for his enemies.

Faced with a new challenge every day and the constant threat of losing his life and his throne, the only light of Ahmed’s life of a bed of nails, is Anastasia. He has been in love with Anastasia ever since the day he saw her portrait.

The Grand Queen Mother Sultana Safiye who is in absolute power in the court and the state wants to win her young sultan grandson’s heart. So she has the girl of Ahmed’s dreams, Anastasia in the painting, brought to the palace. This small and innocent present will change the destiny of the empire. Anastasia does not accept the names given to her as Hatice and Mahpeyker. And at the end, she chooses her own name that carries the meanings of leader and guide; a name she has rightfully earned: Kosem…

This is a name that will successfully rule the Ottoman Empire for forty years, be the sole protector of the dynasty, gain the love and sympathy of the public and be considered a symbol of power and magnificence. While being known as the most powerful woman the East has ever seen, putting her stamp on history, her dazzling power will take away everything from Sultana Kosem. She will sacrifice the man she loves, her family, friends and her sons… But first and foremost, her innocence…
Kösem Sultan: a new legendary tv series from the creators of Magnificent Century
Kösem Sultan another great historical character from Ottoman Dynasty will be on screens with her dramatic story.
The producers of legendary Turkish drama Magnificent Century has announced that their new project ‘Kösem Sultan’ will be on air in September 2015.

Who is Kösem Sultan?
Kösem Sultan (wikipedia) is another remarkable character from Ottoman Dynasty like Hürrem Sultan. Besides being a powerful women and ruling in the Sultanate of Women era Kösem Sultanmeans more than power and authority, she was definitely more intriguer than Hürrem Sultan.
She was a Bosnian girl and her name was Anastasia. She had been send as a gift to Ottoman Hareem like Hürrem Sultan and she managed to reach the top of the woman authority in Ottoman palace.
In order to make a clear comparison with Hürrem Sultan it will be enough to say that Hürrem Sultan had only one child on Sultanate but Kösem Sultan had 2 child and one grandchildern on Ottoman Sultanate and she was heavily influential on the Sultans.
Who will be playing Kösem Sultan?
After watching Meryem Uzerli‘s and Vahide Perçin’s great performance as Hürrem Sultan, producers were faced with a tough job to find a strong actress to handle such an important role. So they had a big shot and offered this role to Bensu Soral, Sibel Kekilli, Tuba Büyüküstün andBeren Saat. The producers finally agreed with Beren Saat and she was delighted with this role.

Beren Saat was away from screens for some time after the tv series İntikam. Kösem Sultan will be another peak of Beren Saat’s career after the epic drama Aşk-ı Memnu (Forbidden Love)
As you remember Magnificent Century hosted lots of famous actors and actresses, so it wont be surprising that we will watch lots of famous actors and actresses as well. First surprise is Hülya Avşar, a living legend, one of the sexiest women in modern Turkish television will be playingSafiye Sultan another strong figure in the Sultanate of Women era, and she succeeded by Kösem Sultan.